• Intensive Courses: 20 lessons/week (Mon.-Fri. 10.00 am -1:30 pm)
  • Extra intensive courses: 30 lessons/week (10.00 am -1:30 plus + afternoon)
  • Long term courses (for residents): 2 hours/week (min. of 1 month)
  • Private courses:  In the afternoons

  • Combination courses:  Intensive course + Private lessons
  • Additional information: Group size: max. 10 students. / Levels: Beginners (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2) and Advanced (C1, C2). 

Lessons duration: 45 minutes. The weekend is free. Leisure and cultural activities offered.

  • Each level consists of basic grammar, vocabulary work, listening and speaking, discussion on current topics, and local, cultural and environmental studies.
  • Our methodology includes conversation, role play, and practical, verbal and written exercices.
  • Our teachers are academically qualified, Spanish natives drawing on many years of extensive teaching experience.
  • We can also prepare you for recognised national Ministry of Education and Science exams, (according to appropriate levels). Please contact the school office for more information. Examinations take place twice a year.
  • Students who have already completed our courses are entitled to reductions.

The price includes:

  • Teaching materials (text books, exercises, photocopies etc.).
  • A certificate, awarded on completion of the course.
  • Use of our well-stocked library containing books, videos, CD-Roms, cassettes, courses and more.
  • Accommodation arrangements (weekly cleaning/change of bed linen).
  • Accompanying you to your reserved apartment.
  • In tandem: contact and conversation with local Spanish-speakers, materials and venue provided.
  • Information about leisure activities (mountain biking and walking tours, boat trips, sailing, diving, bus trips, cultural events and fiestas etc.).

NOT included in the price:

  • Journey to Valle Gran Rey
  • Leisure activities
  • Didactic materials, travel guides, postcards